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Tim McDermott was the President of the largest non-profit Christian radio station in the US for over 26 years. Under his leadership, the station experienced amazing growth - growing revenue from $500,000 to over $12 million, and growing the audience from just over 100,000 to nearly one million people. He's worked with boards, created vision and strategy and achieved results.  

Tim has traveled the country meeting CEOs of large and small non-profits hearing the challenges they face. As a CPA, Tim brings a unique business perspective to the nonprofit arena that is often overlooked or not understood.  He brings that understanding so that a nonprofit can grow and maximize its impact.

We get it

Tim understands the challenges CEOs face -  working with a board, leadership that never takes a break, fulfilling the mission and growing revenue, making important decisions.  He has been where you are - making some decisions that turned out great and others - well, let's just say they were "valuable life lessons."  You don't have to learn the hard way.  You can learn from his experience.  Let Tim come alongside you as your trusted advisor to help you navigate through your challenges.  You don't have to be lonely at the top!  He would be honored to serve you.  

What we offer


Radio broadcasting (For General Managers and Station Managers) 

Do you want to grow your revenue, ratings and impact?

Do you need help working with your board?

Do you need help understanding the financial and business side? (We have one tool you need to be great in this area.)

What are you doing well?  Where can your station improve?


Are you brand new to the role and want to be mentored? 

Are you a seasoned veteran wanting a fresh outside perspective?

Contact us to schedule an overall assessment. 


The Non-Profit Organizational OneDay Assessment.  This is a great place to start if you want to grow your organization. We will spend one day on-site meeting with you and your board chair(if available). We'll focus on key areas most nonprofits are concerned about - mission/vision/strategy, growing your revenue base, growing your staff and growing your impact.  We'll also look at board governance and do some financial analysis. If you have a specific challenge, we'll look at that, too.  At the end of the survey, we'll give you recommendations designed to help you grow.   SEE SPECIAL OFFER BELOW

CEO mentoring.  If you are a new CEO who has never worked with a board, we can help mentor you in your new role. We want you to get off to a great start and help you know what to do. If you have been on the job for several years and have challenges - with the staff or board - we can work with you to help brainstorm ways to meet those challenges.

Board Development. How effective is your board? Are they engaged? Do they know their roles? Is your structure working? Do you need to work better with your CEO? We can help you answer those questions and so many more.

Succession Planning. Do you have plans in place if your CEO leaves? (by chariot or the "proverbial bus.") The time to plan for this is now - not when it happens.  We can work with you to create a succession plan to help your ministry move forward.

Strategic Planning. Too many retreats come away with long lists of to-do items that are put in a file and never used. Our retreats are designed with focus and priority. We want the retreat to be the foundation for results for your organization - not just an exercise of adding to the work load.


Part-time CFO services - Hiring a full-time CFO is expensive.  We can fill in the gap between your bookkeeper and the CEO and the board.  We'll help with financial strategies, budgeting, cash flow management and more.

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Call us at (346) 704-5814 or e-mail us at tim@tmcdermottcpa.com (or click the link below)

***SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONAL ONEDAY ASSESSMENT for Christian faith-based 501 (c) 3 organizations in the Houston, TX area.  A limited number of scholarship funds are available for this assessment for those who qualify - your investment would be only $250-$500! (depending on your size)  Contact us below to learn more.***

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