Do you have the tools you need to make the best financial decisions?

Tim has a strong financial background.  After earning his Masters in Professional Accounting and working at a Big 8 accounting firm, Tim went on to become CEO of a large nonprofit organization where financial excellence was one of their hallmarks. He not only understands numbers, but he wants to help you create the key financial reports  you need to make the best decisions.  He can serve as your "Part-Time CFO" helping prepare the reports the Board, you and Senior Leaders need to make good financial decisions.  

Tim not only brings his experience but is working with Sommerville and Associates - who bring over 30 years experience concentrating in the nonprofit area.

As a leader of a nonprofit - do you feel like you are all alone? Not anymore.

Tim McDermott was the President of the largest nonprofit Christian radio station in the US for over 26 years. Under his leadership, the station experienced amazing growth - growing revenue from $500,000 to over $12 million, and growing the audience from just over 100,000 to nearly one million people - and most importantly fulfilling the organization's mission. He's worked with boards, created vision and strategy and achieved results.  

For the past 18 years, he's traveled around the US and around the world sharing what he has learned with CEO's of small and large nonprofits.  He's spent hours working with them to help them solve their challenges.  His goal is to make you and your organization successful not just on the business side - but to fulfill your mission.  

What we offer


Part-time CFO Services

  • Prepare dashboards and reports for the board and senior leaders
  • Work with CEO to create financial strategy (including cash management)
  • Act as liaison to outside professionals
  • Great affordable way to raise the level of your financial reporting without paying the salary of a full-time CFO

Accounting Services*

  • Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly, or annual)
  • Assisting in the selection of the accounting and/or donor system
  • Creating and implementing the chart of accounts
  • Consultations regarding required reporting
  • Input of data
  • Reconciliation of accounts

Tax Preparation Services*

  • Form 990 (nonprofit information return)
  • Form 1023 & 1024 (exemption applications)
  • Individual tax returns (for ministers and other employees of religious organizations)

IRS Compliance Audits (for churches and nonprofits)*

  • Designed to help an organization protect its most valuable asset - its exempt status
  • Covers a wide variety of key IRS issues for churches and nonprofits

Payroll Services - including Payroll Tax Returns and Payroll Processing* 

  • Payroll Tax Returns can be complicated due to special rules for nonprofits and ministers
  • Number one area of tax and penalty assessments is payroll related assessments
  • Service includes very important annual questionnaire 

*denotes in conjunction with Sommerville and Associates


Board Governance

  • Analyze your board structure
  • Working with your board chair
  • Creating a board policy manual
  • Improve your board engagement

CEO Succession planning

  • Do you have one? The time to plan is now - not after it happens

CEO Advising

  • We'll be your trusted advisor to discuss challenges and opportunities you face
  • We'll help new CEO's get established in their new role
  • We help CEOs better understand the financial side  - including cash management

Growing your revenue 

  • Help create strategy
  • Analyze past trends
  • Recommend opportunities 

The Non-Profit Organizational OneDay Assessment.

This is a great place to start if you want to grow your organization. We will spend one day on-site meeting with you and your board chair(if available). We'll focus on key areas most nonprofits are concerned about - mission/vision/strategy, growing your revenue base, growing your staff and growing your impact. We'll also look at board governance and do some financial analysis. If you have a specific challenge, we'll look at that, too. At the end of the survey, we'll give you recommendations designed to help you grow. ***SEE SPECIAL OFFER BELOW***

Contact Us

Call us at (346) 704-5814 or e-mail us at (or click the link below)

***SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONAL ONEDAY ASSESSMENT for Christian faith-based 501 (c) 3 organizations in the Houston, TX area.  A limited number of scholarship funds are available for this assessment for those who qualify - your investment would be only $250-$500! (depending on your size)  Contact us below to learn more.***

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